Standing in my own Power

Standing In your own PowerI am inspired to write this following a number of life events which have taught me about the importance of Standing in my own Power
and Speaking my Truth.
So what does this mean? Standing in my own Power means:

  • not being afraid to stand up for yourself
  • put your ‘foot down’ about things and
  • not being scared to say what you think.

It also means:

  • not worrying overly about what people think

While some degree of compromise is necessary in a lot of relationships (relationships in the broader sense not just romantic ones), if you compromise with too many people, on too many levels you grow further away from your true authentic self. People pleasing drains energy, dilutes your life force and you become a person who is only a reflection of what others project onto you. In spiritual terms you become ‘less light’ because your integrity is compromised and the light is replaced by fear-fear of speaking my truth, fear of rejection, fear of being me, fear of being alone. The more you associate with people with whom you can’t be yourself- the more compromised you become and the more lost you become.

So what can you do to improve things?

There isn’t any easy solution as every situation is different, but the first step is understanding the concept of standing in your own power so that you can recognise when you are not doing this.

For a discussion and story about the spiritual dynamics that exist between people read  The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

To read about the destructive pattern of people pleasing  and what you can do read The New Codependency by Melody Beattie.

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