Spiritual Coaching and Fear of change

change_ahead_road_sig_450When embarking upon any kind of self development it is often useful to identify the factors which may be hampering our efforts to move forwards. It helps to be aware how the subconscious works and to be aware of the nature of change, why it often requires a lot of effort and determination to move forwards in our endeavours.
One of the most common obstacles to hinder spiritual evolution and personal growth is a fear of change. Although we may desire change on many levels we are often affected at a subconscious level by a fear of change. So although we may desire a new job/ relationship/ house/ spiritual growth, the subconscious often has a different agenda and likes things to stay exactly as they are, in a kind of comfort zone. When we are on the spiritual path and working on becoming closer to God, again this is often a stumbling block for people. On the one hand we desire to become closer to God and as seekers may be exploring different avenues in our quest, it is always the goal of the ego to stay in control. As such we may subsconsciously sabotage ourselves by creating things to distract us. Or we make excuses why we can Or we make excuses why we can’t leave our job/ relationship/house such as money, or loneliness, for example. Another massive influence on our evolution or lack of it is the issue of unworthiness may people give up on their dreams and desires due to the fact that they believe on a deep level that they are not worthy of success or are not worthy enough to fulfill their dreams. So they stay at the same level doing the same things without any evolution or change perhaps for a lifetime. This isn’t to say there is anything wrong with plodding along steadily doing what you’ve always done. This is fine. However if you have a bucket load of things that you’ve always wanted to do but have not done any of them because you are too scared say, or you are living a life which bores you but you are too scared to let go and move forwards, then this is where fear of change and unworthiness may be holding you back.

So what can be done about fear of change? The first thing we can do is become aware of it and watch out for any potential sabotage which may be taking place. Secondly we can work on any energetic bonds which may be holding the fear in place. We can do this with essences such as Bach Essences we could use an essence such as Mimulus which helps to dissolve ‘fear of known things’ and combine this with Larch for example which helps with confidence. These essences work in a subtle way supporting us on an emotional and spiritual level. This could be combined with EFT so that once we have identified any areas of self sabotage we can tap on them thus clearing any energy that may be blocking our growth. Thirdly it is important to stay focused-energy follows thought and if we want to move forwards it is important to have in our minds where we are going and what we would like to achieve. If we can do this in a relaxed way we join the universal flow and unexpected things start to happen, opportunities come our way and before we know it we are on the way to living the lives we have dreamt of living.

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