Shungite Cube 80mm




This Russian Shungite Cube has amazing properties and is recommend by Judy Hall author of Crystal Prescriptions for combating EMF sensitivity. She lives 100 yards from a power station, and uses Shungite as a key part of her arsenal against the effects of Electromagnetic Fields. She recommends it for placing on or in front of Smart Meters and has it all the way around her house both in grids and and on window sills. It is strongly recommended this Shungite Cube is regularly cleaned since Shungite is so effective as drawing in “disharmonious energy”. It is a shiny black colour in appearance. Shungite is useful for grounding and can be worn to help in this way. This Shungite Cube can be used to place in front of a computer, it acts as a shield against the effects of EMF’s for those who are sensitive.

Technical description “Shungite is elementary noncrystalline carbon with a metastable structure incapable of graphitization.”


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