Nails & Hair Formula Higher Nature


With collagen & MSM

To support beautiful nails and hair, feed your body the nutrients they thrive on. Hydrolysed collagen provides amino acids for building healthy keratin, the protein nails and hair are made from. MSM, Starflower oil (for GLA), Vitamins C, B5, B6 and biotin, together with Silica and Zinc, are included for strong, lustrous hair and gorgeous, tough nails.



Nails & Hair Formula by Higher Nature

This specially tailored product provides a range of nutrients for nails and hair. MSM is used to make keratin for tougher, thicker hair and nails. GLA (from Starflower Oil) maintains shiny, strong, lustrous hair, while Vitamins B5, B6 and biotin promote faster hair growth, help with brittle, splitting and dry hair, and improve the lustre and colour of hair. The B Vitamins in this formula also help fragile nails with cracks or vertical/horizontal ridges. Zinc is needed for optimum hair and nail growth. Low Zinc status is associated with white marks and horizontal ridges on the nails, as well as slow hair growth. Silica forms part of connective tissue, including those in hair and nails, and helps strengthen weak, brittle nails and hair. The MSM used in Nails & Hair is premium quality. Higher Nature is a British company producing supplements of a high standard at reasonable prices.
• Supports stronger, thicker, lustrous hair
• For shine and colour
• Helps dry and splitting hair
• For strong nails

120 caps


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