Mermaid Aura and Room Spray



Mermaid Aura and Room Spray

Many people are attracted to the myth of the mermaid as well as to the element of water and the energies of the mermaids whether we call them by that name or not. This spray can be used for cleansing and attuning the aura as well as cleansing and preparing the energies of the home or a healing practice. After a busy day at work it is nice to spritz around the aura, or to use prior to a meditation session to enhance your connection to the mermaid energies.

Hazel Raven gives this delightful description about this channelled essence spray:

“Undines and mermaids are water spirits who rule over the water and tend to the creatures that dwell within this realm. Water spirits teach us to cleanse and balance our emotions. They teach us to go with the flow by following the path of least resistance. Water can take on any shape, it is often difficult to contain and is sometimes enormously powerful. The water spirits have a great deal to teach us about adapting to different situations without losing our basic receptivity. The medium of water is receptive and carries the message of the areas it has passed through. Water has many hidden messages and will become increasingly crucial to humanity in the years to come. Use: Mermaid essence enhances communication with your deep subconscious, easing irrational fears and past trauma. This allows feelings of joy, laughter and delight to flow into your life. Enhances dream recall, psychic development and telepathic communication.”


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