Lakshmi Print


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Lakshmi Print

This Lakshmi Print depicts the Hindu Goddess of abundance, you may petition Lakshmi by sounding the ancient sanskrit mantra Om shreem maha lakshi yay namaha.

Om is the universal primordial sound of ‘God’

Shreem is the ‘seed’ sound for abundance.

Maha means great and also good quality so whatever you are chanting and manifesting it is of good quality.

Lakshmi is the name of the Goddess of abundance

Yay is said to awaken the energies of Shakti the feminine, grounding energy

Namaha is a type of salutation something like ‘I offer to you’

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Lakshmi’s abundance can be in the form of money, health, family, friends, and well being.

A traditional way to recite the mantra is in multiples of 108 for 40 days using mala beads This is referred to as japa.

Lakshmi Print Size: 110 x 75 cm. Made from cotton, made in India.



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