Nichiren Buddhism

Had an interesting afternoon at Healthy Spirit in Didsbury today. I was invited to attend an introduction to Nichiren Buddhism meeting. We were taught about the central tenets of this kind of Buddhism . I hadn’t realised but there are apparently 105 different types of Buddhism. In this kind of Buddhism the central tenet is that the Buddha consciousness or “enlightenment” can be achieved in this lifetime by chanting the phrase nam myoho rhenge kyo.  The chant has the following meaning :

Nam – To devote one’s life
Myoho– The mystic law. Myo is the name given to the mystic nature of life and Ho to its manifestation.
Renge– Lotus Flower which symbolises the simultaneity of cause and effect
Kyo– Sutra the voice or teaching of the Buddha. The sound or vibration that connects everything in the universe.

The speakers at the meeting were extolling the virtues of daily practice involving use of this chant. They described how there can be different benefits to chanting which can include manifestation of changes in your life including health relationships and financial depending on what you focus the chant on. Or it may result in inner changes including a more positive outlook and a greater degree of inner peace.I’m not if anyone there claimed to have achieved enlightenment  😉 but they certainly seemed to have benefited from the practice.



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