my laser tonsillectomy- part two

difflamIn October 2014 I had a laser tonsillectomy at the hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London. The night before the operation I had no sleep at all, and was really nervous due to fainting episodes that have occurred on various occasions including after previous surgery.

The anaesthestist asked me lots of questions before the operation went ahead, and before I knew it I was in the recovery room. I was then wheeled back to my room where my boyfriend was waiting for me. I spent the rest of the day being waited on hand and foot by the hospital staff who kindly brought me ice lollies, soup, ice, and sandwiches. My  blood pressure and pulse were taken numerous times, and the anaesthestist visited me to let me know that everything had gone smoothly from his perspective.

Later on in the day Mr Dilkes came to check I was ok as well,he said my tonsils although not that big had stones and other ‘rubbish’ in them, were red and used the word ‘rotten’ to describe them. I was given an anti inflammatory rinse called Difflam, some Co Codamol painkillers and Diclofenac- anti inflammatories. In terms of pain I can honestly say there was hardly any. I had a lovely traditional kebab later on that evening,which I ate quite carefully.  I felt depleted in the days afterwards, but managed the train journey home to Manchester quite easily.

The most disturbing aspect to the operation was the sight of my throat afterwards, at one point it reminded me of the film ‘Alien’ and I was urgently Googling post operative pictures to see if my throat was normal. I’ve not been for my follow up yet , but my GP has looked and said it looks fine.

Having read some of the tonsillectomy recovery stories on the web I would highly recommend this method, the surgeon, the hospital and its staff.  People seem to be in absolutely masses of pain after the traditional method of tonsil removal, and I am very pleased I went for the laser option. I had a chest infection in December which completely wiped me out, and was far more debilitating  than the operation. I ate lots of Magnum Minis in the days following the op. I think I must be the only person to have their tonsils out and put on weight!







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