My laser tonsillectomy- a year on

My laser tonsillectomy

Its now eleven months since my laser tonsillectomy at the Hospital of  St John and St Elizabeth with Mr Mike Dilkes. I can’t really say its cured my M.E, however within a week of having the operation I noticed I could breathe more easily at night, and this was down to the fact that there was more room in my throat. I had been prone to ear infections before the operation which had affected my hearing somewhat but don’t seem to get these now so I am very happy about that. Before the operation I had a gland to the right of my right throat which was always swollen, that is not any more, and generally don’t get distracted by my tonsils constantly flaring up all the time. Since learning from many sources about how inflammation can affect the function of the thyroid and the adrenal glands, thus causing fatigue, I feel a lot better knowing that this persistent source of inflammation has now been removed. I don’t suffer from tonsil stones any longer and I am really happy I chose to have the laser tonsillectomy performed by Mr Dilkes and his team.

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