My Arthritis Story

arthritisWhen I was 18 I started getting joint pains and after having blood tests at the doctors I was told I had a kind of ‘rheumatism’. The rheumatoid factor test was positive and ever since then I have been managing a condition which my rheumatologists have called rheuamtoid arthritis and palindromic rheumatoid arthritis. Palindromic means that it moves around my joints rather than staying in one or two. My rheumatologists have expressed surprise that my condition as not worsened as I have had it over fifteen years now but I put this down to the way I manage it with nutrition and supplements.

As a holistic consultant I love joint care and find it a fascinating subject simply because there is so much you can do for joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. My father has also had rheumatoid arthritis for which he received gold injections. This is now in remission and I believe this is related to the fact that he has taken serrapeptase for a number of years. The first product I ever tried for my joint pains was Rhus Tox a homeopathic product, I was in a lot of pain, blood tests had shown inflammation was present so I was amazed when the pain subsided. In time I moved on to other products since working in the industry I have met many people who even give Rhus Tox to their pets and can find a previously inactive dog is keen to run after a ball within half an hour of being given Rhus Tox. It is my belief that mainstream science does not fully understand the mechanism behind homeopathy and it does not lend itself to the style of clinical trials that are usually designed for standard pharmaceutical drugs.
My own way of managing the condition is to take ibuprofen if I get a bad flare up in the short term. But this doesn’t happen often now as I take fish oils, Curcumin X4000 and I also took serrapaptase for a few years which seemed to help it get in remission. You have to take it for a while and let it build up like most things, it is an anti-inflammatory.

I find if I have too many potatoes it can flare up, I avoid raw tomatoes for the same reason and I also avoid most beans as they contain lectins which can build up in joints. Lectins are usually destroyed by cooking but not all are and its the ones that are not destroyed that can cause trouble for some people.

I’m lucky in that so far I don’t seem to have suffered much damage to the joints but if I had osteoathritis I would take a collagen drink as this helps the rebuild the joint and and/or glucosoamine It is important to take a high strength glucosamine tablet, or it may not be enough to repair the damage and thus remove the pain, but merely prevent it from getting worse. I have seen some dramatic results with people taking a collagen drink and always recommend this to people with osteoarthritis.

Lastly I was surprised during my last flare up when I concluded that the severe stiffness in my knees had been caused by walking around the house barefoot with no socks on. My feet weren’t particularly cold but the joints got much better when I went back to wearing slippers and socks.

I’ve included just a few of the many options out there for joint care this is my personal story only. If you have joint pains please see your doctor to get a diagnosis.

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