Dry Macular Degeneration and Lutein Sprays?

I have just ordered a fresh crate of New Focus Lutein Spray earlier today. New Focus contains both zeaxanthin and lutein in a sublingual form which means it is absorbed many times better than tablets or capsules.

Zeaxanthin and lutein are carotenoids “when these are depleted or in short supply, the retina can suffer and Macular Degeneration can begin or increase” according to Chet Cunningham in the “The Macular Degeneration Handbook”. Lutein is found in high quantities in spinach, Brussels sprouts, sweetcorn, green peas, mango, bilberries and green leafy vegetables such as kale, all cabbage, winter greens, spinach, chard and broccoli. Vegetables should be cooked for maximum absorption of nutrients.Popeye-Spinach
Smokers and people with light blue eyes have half as much lutein and zeaxanthin in the back of their eyes as everyone else and so are more susceptible. In addition eating a meal high in beta carotene as well as lutein and zeaxanthin will inhibit the absorption of each because the beta carotene competes for absorption. This is where supplementing with New Focus Spray can be of use.

“The human body is unable to manufacture lutein so it has to be obtained from food or supplements. Taking 10mg of lutein every day was found by a randomised controlled trial to have a positive effect, so this is generally considered to be the minimum amount needed. However the European average daily intake is just 2.2mg a day.” Source The Macular Disease Society http://www.maculardisease.org

The key thing factor to consider with any kind of supplementation is absorption, taking lutein in spray form under the tongue enhances absorption dramatically and can reach the eye within minutes. If you have poor digestion as many people do, particularly as we get older it is possible for tablets to pass right through the body with without being absorbed, this is why taking Lutein in spray form is so useful.

The Macular Disease Society has a great website with a lot of free information, there are fact sheets on subjects like diet and many are in mp3 form for those who find it difficult to see. There are two types of ARMD the wet kind and the dry kind. About 90% of people with ARMD have the dry kind and there is no cure, however we can make sure the macular is well stocked with the nutrients it needs to perform. The wet kind is treated with drugs and laser surgery in the advanced stages. If you have either kind I recommend the following book. “The Macular Degeneration Handbook” by Chet Cunningham.

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