Home treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Some low cost and some higher cost suggestions for the fibromyalgia patient to try at home.See your Doctor if you think you
have fibromyalgia.

1.Take regular baths in Epsom Salts. These salts contain magnesium sulphate which help the body in two ways. Firstly magnesium is a muscle relaxant, this combined with the warm water will relax the muscles allowing any toxins or lactic acid to start to drain away. The sulphate component is a natural anti inflammatory similar to MSM as taken by arthritis sufferers.

2.Take magnesium malate, again this acts as a muscle relaxant this time combining magnesium with malic acid, this particular formulation has been found to be beneficial to fibromylagia patients.

3.Try tapping . EFT is a powerful self help tool which works to uncover the root cause of disruption in the body’s energy system manifesting in the form of disease.

4.Take Olive Leaf Extract , its anti-viral anti-fungal,and anti-inflammatory, many fibromyalgia patients have benefited from its use.

5.Drink more water, dehydration is common yet often overlooked plus it is important to flush away toxins on any protocol.

6.Exercise, this can be very difficult, if you are in severe pain or have Chronic Fatigue also, however start with microscopic amounts of exercise and build up slowly. This was used in a recent clinical trial in the NHS combined with visits by an M.E. nurse. OK, you won’t have the nurse coming round but the important bit is the exercise, by doing it you are starting to reverse any deconditioning that has taken place.

7.Skin brushing: regular skin brushing helps to stimulate the lymphatic system allowing any toxins that may have built up to be moved out of the lymphatic system and into the blood stream to be excreted by the kidneys

8.Try the Chi Machine studies have shown that the Chi Machine improves the lymphatic system and circulation. The machine also strengthens muscles in the back and the legs with regular use. Plus it’s very relaxing to use.

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