Endometriosis Awareness

This week is Endometriosis Awareness Week. Endometriosis can take a ridiculously long time to be diagnosed – on average 7.5 years in the UK. Symptoms can include:

Painful, heavy or irregular periods

pain after/during sex


The pain is caused by endometrial (womb) tissue growing outside the womb. During a period the cells break down and bleed causing scar tissue and inflammation.

Holistic & Conventional treatment for Endometriosis

I personally have met people who have had brilliant results from conventional treatments such as laser therapy and would always advise people to follow their consultant’s suggestions. However, there are some people for whom the condition progresses despite many attempts at treatment. Serrapeptase is an enzyme originally derived from the silkworm which digests non-living tissue. The silkworm uses it to digest tough mulberry leaves. Healthy tissue in the womb remains untouched when serrapeptase is consumed. Serrapeptase has anti-inflammatory properties which also help to reduce the pain associated with endometriosis. There are many testimonies from women who have used serrapeptase to help with their endometriosis. It’s a safe product that has been in use for many years.

Following an anti-inflammatory diet is important when managing this condition and sugar intake should be monitored carefully.  Consideration should also be given to a gluten-free diet.


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