Emerald Heart Gatherings

For the past few months I have been holding Emerald Heart Gatherings in Manchester, and I wanted to write a bit about what they involve. Firstly what is the Emerald Heart Light? The Emerald Heart Light is an advanced spiritual process which helps you to unlock your potential, become who you truly are and live your life purpose. The EH light is for people on a spiritual journey who are seeking to unlock their potential and create change in their lives. It was seeded by David Ashworth and this light can be accessed by taking certain essences, by working with a practitioner or attending a gathering.emerladheart
What happens at an Emerald Heart Gathering?
An EH gathering takes place when a group of like minded people come together to work with the EH light to facilitate change in their lives. Hosted by Sarah the purpose of any gathering is two fold. First and foremost this is an opportunity for change and evolution so we spend some time identifying where those present seek to effect change in their lives. We will look at any fears that may be currently blocking their evolution and we will look at the tools available to dissolve these fears. Participants often use essences to help keep the light with them throughout the month and the following month we will look at what changes have occurred and what the next step is. The second aspect of a gathering is the opportunity to bath in the light. The light is poured into the meeting, this can be quite a magical and sacred experience, at the same time we often look at some of the teachings that have been brought through by David Ashworth combined with any teachings that Sarah is guided to share on the evenings. It is quite common for all participants to be experiencing similar changes such career transitions, they may also share similar fears such as fear of change or fear of success. Our goal is to remove these fears shedding light on them thus helping to remove obstacles to growth, and allowing each participant to live their fullest expression.

So far I have been hosting live workshops but I will shortly be taking these online via skype and via teleconferencing allowing anyone in the world to participate. If reading this interests you in any way please get in touch with me via Sarahsholisticshop.com

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