www.sarahsholisticshop.com  supplies a range of products for healing mind, body and spirit, as well as enhancing your home and sacred space.

About Sarah

My journey on the path of healing and evolution began in 1996 when I came down with glandular fever whilst studying for a degree in Economics. I was forced to repeat my final year with constant fatigue and dizziness which I know now was the onset of ME/ Chronic fatigue Syndrome.

I was already aware that there was no cure for M.E. and decided that I would have to find a cure for myself. After I graduated I went travelling and lived in Australia for ten months. During this time my condition worsened. Whilst living there having visited herbalists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, I was guided to the work of Louise Hay which triggered my interest in the power of the mind in overcoming “dis-ease”. I was able to complete my travels and returned home with a new mindset and passion for healing and alternative therapies.

 I am qualified in Swedish Body Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique , I hold a Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills and a Certificate in Personal Coaching. I have trained as an Emerald Heart  Practitioner with David Ashworth who has been my main spiritual teacher over the last 10 years. I have an interest in Divine Feminine healing and Goddess work. I have attended workshops on Emotrance, the Lightening Process and attended a seminar with Esther and Jerry Hicks whose work with ‘Abraham’ was the basis for the movie ‘The Secret’. In addition to managing my own condition I also helped care for a family member with a severe pain condition.

I have worked in the natural health industry since 2004 both online with my own websites and in an independent health shop. I decided it was time to bring everything together under “one roof” so to speak, the result is Sarah’s Holistic Shop.