Tips for Dry Eyes

Tips for Dry Eye symptoms


Please visit your GP if you think you have dry eyes.  Disclaimer: These are my own personal tips, if you have any eye condition you should get this diagnosed by a GP who will recommend appropriate treatment. These tips are for people who have been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome.

oxyalOxyal Eye drops. I I’ve tried lots of products for my dry eye syndrome and my favourite is Oxyal drops. They cost around £5 and are available from pharmacies. I find Oxyal lasts longer than Sno Tears for example so I don’t need to put them in as often, thus they last longer and I don’t have to keep putting them in. Oxyal drops contain sodium hyaluronate. Apart from the fact this is a totally natural ingredient found throughout the body, and I always prefer natural products, sodium hyaluronate is now included in many beauty products due to its ability to plump up the skin. “Though previously thought too large in its molecular size, recent research has proved that hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin. Because it is able to hold 200 times its weight in water it can therefore hydrate all skin layers.” Psychologies magazine 10 Natural actives that really work. As I have sensitive eyes and don’t like to use eye creams I sometimes like to gently tap in any excess Oxyal drops to the skin around my eyes. This way the skin around my eyes is getting a top moisturising ingredient yet I know that it won’t irritate them either. Another reason I like Oxyal is that the preservatives in Oxyal degrade as soon as they go in your eye, therefore even if you use it long term you are unlikely to become allergic to the preservatives (a problem I had with hypromellose eye drops)

  • Avoid cold eye masks. Dry eye is often caused by tiny glands in the eye lids becoming blocked, they then require heat to unblock them
  • Hold a hot wet flannel on your eye lids. Not too hot or too wet. This will help to melt the oils which help to make tears the correct consistency in order to lubricate your eye. This was explained to my by a nurse at my local eye hospital
  • Don’t stare at a computer screen. Blink and look away regularly.
  • Consider supplementation with omega 3 oils and/or Omega 6. I was told at my local eye hospital that there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that taking fish oils can help alleviate symptoms. I have personally found this to be the case.


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